Is is realistic to expect to enjoy what you do for a living?

Work is work, it is not called fun because it isn’t fun. We get up and go to work every morning to make money so that we can afford to do things that are enjoyable – like going on holiday or eating nice food. Or perhaps we just do it to survive; to have a roof over our heads and shoes to wear. But perhaps you can find a career that you feel passionate about, I believe that there are many people out there who have. Perhaps when things go wrong and you are doing a job that you really care about it is more bearable because you know deep down that it’s worthwhile, that when things are good they are brilliant and nothing is wonderful all the time but some things are worth fighting for.

Is it greedy to expect to get paid for doing something that you enjoy?

It seems logical to presume that most people get a job doing something that they are good at, something that their skills can adapt to, after all, being good at something usually brings about a certain amount of enjoyment and we usually get some sort of fulfilment from doing a job well. But what if you really don’t enjoy what you do, should you stick with it because it’s not meant to be fun and it pays the bills? Or do you throw caution to the wind and try to find something that you do enjoy, even if it means you or your family may suffer financially for a while?

I am being selfish by making this decision – Fact. But I am hoping that the reward will be, not only a better life for me, but for my husband, for a better future for us both.

Everything will be OK in the end, and if it isn’t OK then it isn’t the end 🙂 IMG_0084


Flo xxx



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