I spend a lot of time on the phone. The majority of my working day is spent with a receiver in one hand and a pen in the other. Taking notes about how I can help the person on the other end of the line, relieved when it’s not for me and I can just pass them over to someone else.

Most of the other people in my office spend their time much the same way. Matthew has a stutter, I think people quite like this about him, it makes him seem approachable and genuine. Tanya SHOUTS and Neil is pretty much always rude to the person he’s speaking to.

You start to notice people’s favourite phrases, the things they recite over and over again, no matter who they are talking to.

It’s not an exact science – Translation: I can answer your question but if I’m wrong then it’s not my fault.

Help us to help you – Translation: Yes you will eventually pay us for doing a job for you but until then please make it as easy as possible for us.

Leave it with me – Translation: I haven’t done what you have asked me to do so I will go and do it now and then call you back.

My personal favourite is one of Matthews……

It’s like comparing a Waitrose Chicken with a Sainsbury’s Chicken, you put a chicken in Waitrose packaging and it instantly becomes more valuable, although the product is almost the same people are happy to pay more because of the brand – Translation: Yes we will charge you more money than everyone else, but Waitrose do too so it’s OK.

I kid you not, he says this at least twice a day!

Mind you, I do buy my chicken from Waitrose so there’s probably some truth in it 🙂9f7ff6a3-e990-4c82-9894-2a7e0e12fb63.png


Flo xx






via Daily Prompt: Recite

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